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Love your magnetic lashes but struggle with the application process?
This applicator is specifically designed to make application of magnetic lashes as easy as curling your lashes.
-Works with most magnetic lashes. *
-Now comes with Flawless-tweeze tweezers

-Recommended for magnetic lashes with thick cotton bands and large anchor magnets
*Not all magnetic lashes are manufactured the same way, some may not work with this applicator (but all Sweet Wink lashes do!)

DO NOT use as eyelash curler

  • Flat tip is perfect for putting on lashes with either your left or right hand.
  • Metal has just the right magnetism to attract your magnetic eyelashes, without sticking to them after they have clicked together
  • Perfect tool for slight fixes or on-the-go touch ups
  • Fits in Bare Your Hart Magnetic Lash Palette

Eyelash Curler

Before applying magnetic lashes: All premium mink false lashes will lose curl over time with contact to moisture.  This curler can be used to gently enhance/maintain curl of your favorite mink eyelashes.  Ladies with naturally straight/downturned lashes benefit from using this curler before applying lashes so that curl of both natural and magnetic lashes are similar. *Hint: Use hair dryer to gently warm curler before curling your natural lashes.  The curl will last longer.  Make sure to touch curler with hands first to make sure not too hot.  It should be warm to the touch, not hot*

After applying magnetic lashes:  Create a seamless lash line by gently closing about 1/2 way down lash length.  Curler should be cleaned with makeup wipe or wash cloth before and after each use.

DO NOT use as magnetic eyelash applicator

PLEASE NOTE:  Although applicator and curler look very similar, there are key differences and SHOULD NOT be used interchangeably.

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