Elizabeth Cluster Lash


The Blackest Black Premium Mink set in the Edgy Lash Map of the Elizabeth lashes you love, now offered in cluster form!

You never have to guess your size again!

-Wear 1 to 5 clusters depending on desired look

-Use alone, or layer with your fav magnetic lashes to add more drama! 

-Can be applied OVER or UNDER lashes.

-Wear up to 9 days with proper care! 

Recommended Application Technique:

1. Prime top of Cluster Lash with Mag Liner Pen

2. Apply your fav Adhesive with a Spoolie to underside of natural lashes (concentrate at base)  

3. Apply Cluster Lashes

4. Fuse Lashes with BYH Lash Curler 

5. Seal with Lash Seal

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