Eden Cluster Lash


Made from the best Silk PBT on the market, using a top secret process that causes these clusters to be flatter than flat!  You will instantly forget you are wearing lashes bc you won’t be able to feel them! 

*set of 3 includes lash adhesive*

You never have to guess your size again!

-Wear 1 to 4 clusters depending on desired look or eye size

-Use alone, or layer with your fav magnetic lashes to add more drama! 

-Can be applied OVER or UNDER lashes.

-Wear up to 9 days with proper care! 

  • 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk
  • 56-64 individual fibers per cluster 
  • 8 Cluster lashes per tray
  • Color: Black
  • cruelty-free
  • Thickness: .07mm
  • Length: 8mm-13mm
  • Curl: D Curl


Recommended Application Technique:

1. Prime top of Cluster Lash (only bottom 1/3 of lash to prevent clumping) with Flash Liner Pen

2. Apply Flashcara to the base of your lashes

3. Apply Lash cluster by pressing to underside of natural lashes (Start with outer lashes)

4. Repeat with remaining clusters

5. Fuse Lashes with BYH Lash Applicator 

6. Seal with Lash Seal

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