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Janalyn Powers 


Janalyn loves the Queen Elizabeth Lashes as they are very full and lengthening.


Nicole Quinn 

Nikki's Blog Review 


 Nicole loves the Princess Diana for an everyday lash and the Queen Elizabeth for date night.  


Riddhi Shah 


The Small Eve are perfect for Riddhi for everyday wear.

Blog Reviews

We were featured in an article by Peas of Us, comparing magnetic eyelashes to strip lashes and eyelash extensions.  

More Customers

I had tried magnetic lashes before but the tool is a game changer! There's a slight learning curve but once you got it down it's like riding a bike! I have a love/hate relationship with the bottom lash being 3 different pieces. It's nice because you can take one away if it's too full but when I drop one I get so annoyed trying to find it lol! Overall I love them!
-Kayleen K.
(Customer with glasses when asked if they are heavy) "Not at all!  They remind me of how it felt when I first got glasses.  You notice the rims at first but then you get used to it and don't notice them.  At first I noticed them (I could see the outline of them) but now I don't notice them.  I love them."
- Lacie
"Our store is so lucky to carry the cutest line of magnetic lashes.  They are so gorgeous and so easy to use."
-The Green Door Boutique


"Let me just say how much I love them!"


"Not only is the packaging cute, but I was sold once I read an inspirational quote when I opened each box... Absolutely loved the feeling of applying false lashes without the hassle of using glue"


 "I am IN LOVE!! I don't think I will ever go back to the glue ones!"

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