Bare Your Hart is beloved by a host of professional entertainers and strives to cater to their specific needs.  Whether it is for personal use, or for a business and all of its entertainers, Bare Your Hart outperforms other lash brands.  

Magnetic eyelashes are a great choice for those in the entertainment business as they can easily be applied and removed or replaced with a different style without any makeup being disturbed.  This is ideal for events where multiple character changes are needed or where there are several activities in one day.  

These are also long lasting (3-4 months with regular use) and are a great cost effective option.  

While glue on eyelashes are very uncomfortable, many customers have claimed to have forgotten to be wearing our Sweet Wink lashes and have gotten in the shower or taken naps in them.  

Our magnetic eyelashes have been stress tested to withstand a 14k step day with hours of sweat inducing exercise, winds up to 25MPH, snow storms, and rain.  While these are not recommended to be worn fully submerged in water (have not been tested yet), they withstand large amounts of sweat and rain.  

Please contact us for discounted rates when purchasing for large groups.

Here are a few of our professional entertaining customers: