1. Curl natural lashes and apply mascara (if desired)

2. Apply liberal coat of magnetic eyeliner to lash line where magnets will attach (this will differ depending on size of lash) and allow to dry completely (about 2 min when fan with hands)

3. Apply 2nd coat to same area. Fan with hand for about 60 sec

4. Place lash to liner while still tacky (you have a few seconds to move lash to preferred placement)

5. Use Pen or liquid liner to finish liner look desired (pen liner works best for sharp lines on inner eye and to add wing on out lash). Use Pen or liquid liner to clean up lash line from mag liner if needed. This technique allows for more precise lines, and saves from wasting magnetic eyeliner where it isn't needed. Will last all day with Sweet Wink lashes.


1. Remove magnetic lash by grabbing inner magnet and gently pulling away from eye **NEVER REMOVE LASHES BY PULLING ON THE LASH HAIRS**

2. Gently wash eyeliner off with oil-based makeup remover

Before Application

applying magnetic eyelashes

Step 1

Curl natural eyelashes if needed



eyeliner for magnetic eyelashes

Step 2

Apply eyeliner in lash line to help blend appearance of magnets.





Step 3

Apply Mascara to natural lashes



Using Applicator

 Step 1

Attach top magnet to top lip of applicator with lashes facing away from you and up.  Think of them as mimicking your natural lashes.


Step 2

Place 3 corresponding bottom lash pieces on the bottom lip of the applicator with the magnet on the ledge closest to you when holding the applicator as shown above.

Squeeze halfway down to check that all corresponding top and bottom magnets match up.  

*TIP* Place the bottom outer magnets slightly closer to the middle bottom magnet than its corresponding top magnet if your magnetic lash feels too large for your eye.  Place the bottom magnets slightly farther out if you wish for a larger magnetic lash.


how to apply magnetic eyelashes

Step 3

Bring to the eye as if curling your natural lashes.  Align with the outer edge of eye.  

Close gently until magnets click into place.  pressure is not necessary for magnets to attach to one another and may damage your natural lashes.   

*TIP* Only squeeze once.  Squeezing multiple times can detach magnets from each other.


Step 4

Open applicator and pull away from eye

If one side of the lash is not as close to the lid as desired, gently remove that bottom lash and fix with Flawless-tweeze



1.  To remove bottom lash piece: sandwich top and bottom magnets between pointer and thumb.

2. While keeping your pointer finger in place, slide your thumb either forward or to the side. Bottom lash should easily detach from top.

3. Place bottom lash piece on bottom tip tweezers, with the lashes facing handle.

4. Keeping the tweezers ajar, attach the top tip of tweezer to the top magnet now on your eyelashes.  

5. Gently move the magnet with the tweezers to the desired location, and close the tweezers.  This will connect the two magnets to the desired location of your lash line.

6. Open tweezers and pull away to the side.  This lowers the risk of the magnets being moved while still magnetized to tweezer.


1. Sandwich outer top and bottom magnets between your thumb and pointer finger

2. Gently move your thumb forward or towards your ear while keeping your pointer finger still.  The bottom magnetic lash piece should pop off.

This allows the two magnets to release from one another without damaging or pulling on your natural lashes.   

3. Repeat steps 1-2 for the remaining magnets.

Always remove your lashes leaning over a clean flat surface as bottom magnetic lashes are easily lost.


 using the bare your hart applicator to apply magnetic eyelashes