In the spirit of my company, I would like to take a moment to bare my heart. On Christmas Eve of 2017, I experienced the heart-wrenching trauma of a miscarriage. I felt a heaviness in my heart and struggled with postpartum depression for about a month after. I was not aware that postpartum was a possible effect of a miscarriage; and unfortunately, I had to learn that in the most difficult way possible. In an effort to pull myself out of it and rise up, I began my YouTube channel, Hart & Mind. Having a place to express myself and feel as if I were contributing to society in a meaningful way helped me put my pieces back together. 

Hart & Mind was a space in which I could have fun and enjoy myself by reviewing beauty products. One day, I received a request to review and recommend magnetic lashes. After laboring over videos and reviews, spending countless dollars on differing brands, and failing for 7 hours at trying to apply them correctly, I was ready to give up. I came away from the experience frustrated and empty handed – how could I, in good conscience, recommend any of these products? I had people relying on me to point them in the right direction! Then, in came my husband with the brilliant idea to just create my own brand. He was right. I had a clear idea of what I wanted, and more importantly, what I didn’t want.

Queue my 80’s montage of looking at more reviews, contacting numerous manufacturers, trying multiple samples (and of course, failing a couple times). All of the lengths, the cambers, the magnets – lashes everywhere! After countless hours of work, and with a little help from my friends, I finally found 3 products that I felt confident in putting my name on; and Bare Your Hart was born. 

My company is a pure emulation of the woman I have become. I take pride in my friendships, I have a thirst for knowledge and excellence, and I strive to make a difference in others’ lives. Just like Bare Your Hart, I haven’t always been as strong as I am. It has taken years of heartbreak, heartache, spiritual experiences, joy, and learning to love myself. I know I am imperfect (and admittedly a little weird), I talk too much, tell jokes that aren’t funny, and sometimes my house is a disaster – but that’s okay. Because I also have a gift for making others feel loved. I have been in dark places, I have lost sight of the light at the end of the tunnel before; but I drove right through that darkness and came out the other side tougher than I ever could have imagined. 

My goal for Bare Your Hart is to help women everywhere feel – 

Loved. Beautiful. Important. Confident.

– regardless of their past.

I want to grow and expand my brand to become an empire of empowered women. Women who refuse to accept that they are victims of their circumstances; but instead stand up and empower those around them.

We can be mothers, homemakers, business women, lovers, leaders, spiritual beings, and so much more. 

We are all beautiful.

-Brittany Hart