Care of Your Lashes

Mascara for magnetic eyelashes


Mascara is recommended to help mesh natural and false lashes to create seamless lash line.  

1. Apply mascara to your natural lashes

2. While mascara is tacky, apply magnetic lashes 

3. Gently mesh natural and false lashes with fingers.  The tacky mascara will help the lashes to stay together and also give magnets something to grab on to.

Avoid applying mascara directly to magnetic lashes as this can damage the quality of the hairs and deduce the life of your lashes.

We offer waterproof, cruelty-free, hemp and beeswax infused mascara that can improve strength and length of your natural lashes.  While many other brands may work with your lashes, we cannot guarantee the full 60 wears if other brands are used as we have not tested them.  

Cleaning Lashes

Gently remove Sweet Wink Lashes (do not pull- rather, shift at the magnets to separate), then place them on a clean surface upside down (our magnetic palette works great to hold the lashes in place and is easy to clean after).

Once pump is primed, use one spray 6-8 inches away from lashes to give even light coat.  Additional pump may be used if needed, although avoid soaking lashes as this may flatten the curl.  

Use Q-tip or other similar item to gently wipe from band to tip of lashes. Only brush one way (imagine brushing your hair).  Gently brush with just water on Q-tip after if excess cleanser remains.  

Place in case or palette for storage until you next use.  

Sweet Wink lashes can be cleaned with many oil-free face cleanser or makeup removers, but guarantee is voided if other cleanser is used.

Q: Why oil-free?

A: Cleansers that contain oil may dissolve the glue used to hold the magnets onto the lashes which would decrease the life of your lashes.

Q: How often should I clean my lashes?

A: We recommend cleaning every 5-10 wears depending on the buildup of mascara on lash hairs and magnets.



magnetic eyelash palette

Store In Case 

To maintain quality and longevity of your lashes, never soak your lashes in water or makeup remover.  This can change the curl of the lashes and loosen the hairs from the band. 

Store your magnetic lashes in either the original case, if you ordered the Deluxe Packaging, or in our mermaid palette to prolong the life and quality of your lashes.   


how to handle magnetic eyelashes

Handle With Care

All Sweet Wink lashes are handmade and should be handled gently.  Always grasp your Sweet Wink lashes by the magnet or band, not the hairs.  

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