Applying Magnetic Eyelashes

Applying magnetic eyelashes is like applying foundation... 

At the end of the day (or should i say morning) if the finished product looks good and you feel confident in your technique, does it really matter?

The real question isn’t “how should I apply magnetic eyelashes”, but instead “Which application technique allows me to quickly and confidently apply my lashes?”


Things To Consider

-Style of Lash

- Lashes with Stiff bands = Applicator 

- Lashes with flexible bands = Tweezers or Fingers

- Bigger Magnets = Fingers or Applicator 

- Smaller Magnets = Tweezers or Applicator (more difficult to line up)

-Size of Lash

- Large/Medium = All 3 options

- Small = Tweezers or Fingers (Applicator may be too big for eye)

-Experience and comfort level

- Beginner = many feel most comfortable starting with the Applicator because they are familiar with the action of using an eyelash curler

- Novice = All 3 options

- Expert = Tweezers or Fingers

-Number of Magnets

- 1-2 Magnets = Fingers or Tweezers

- 3+ Magnets = Tweezers or Applicator 


Ways to Apply Magnetic Eyelashes


It is pretty easy to learn to apply magnetic eyelashes with 1-2 larger magnets. Great way to quickly apply lashes or fix on the go.  This technique is used mostly with half lash or small lashes when eyeliner is used to hide any imperfections in fit that may occur.

Example: Eve S


Great for beginners, lashes with 3 or more magnets, and larger sized lashes with stiff bands.  

Example: Elizabeth L, Diana L, Eve L, other brands with full strip on top and bottom


The go to tool that every lash wearer should have and carry.  Extremely useful for applying lashes and making adjustments.  Many tweezers will work, look for one with a wide mouth, and a flat tip like THIS one. 

Example: Anastasia L/M/S, Diana L/M/S, Eve S



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