4 Ways to Customize Your Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are great for a lot of reasons - they last longer than glue-on lashes, do no damage to your natural lashes, and are easier to put on once you get the hang of it. With so many benefits, magnetic lashes are steadily on the rise, but one thing that isn’t being talked about is all the different ways that you can wear them. There are a variety of easy ways to customize your magnetic lashes to fit your personal style while flattering your eye shape. Here are some of our tried-and-true favorites:

Reverse ‘Em

This technique is particularly effective for small eyes, especially monolids and hooded eyes. To give the eye a more open and awake appearance, simply apply a flared magnetic lash meant for your right eye to your left eye, and the lash meant for your left eye to your right eye. This puts the longer lash fibers towards the inside/middle of your eye and takes the focus away from the outer corner of your eye, which can tend to appear more narrow when surrounded by longer lash fibers.

Stacks on Stacks

“Stacking” means adhering multiple strip lashes on top of each other to create a more dramatic look. With traditional strip lashes, this means gluing multiple lashes on top of each other. To stack magnetic lashes, all you need to do is connect strip lashes using their magnets. One of our favorite styles to stack is the Jaclyn lash. Jaclyn is flared from the inner to the outer edges, so for maximum fullness, we pair a right lash with a left lash and a left lash with a right lash. Another great combo is stacking a Jaclyn lash with a Skye lash.

Mix n’ Match

Magnetic lashes usually come with a magnetized strip lash to apply on top of your lashes, and then smaller anchor magnets to apply on the underside of your lashes that help keep them in place all day. Depending on the style of your Bare Your Hart lashes, the bottom pieces may vary in length, curl and thickness. A great way to customize your look is to mix and match different styles of strip lashes and anchor magnets.

Amp up Lash Extensions

If you have eyelash extensions, you can still use magnetic eyelashes to enhance your look. This is a great way to take your look from day to night! Just take extra care when sliding the anchor magnet away from the strip lash as you remove your magnetic lashes.

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