Keep Your Foundation From Looking Too Oily For Less than $20

I have combination oily skin, which means the majority of my face (especially the t-zone) gets oily throughout the day.  My face has some areas that are balanced, and other areas that get super dry - mostly in the colder months.  My winter pretty much consists of trying to find products for my skin that accommodate a wide range of skin types.

I recently purchased the Born this Way foundation by Too Faced Cosmetics after reading reviews that it helps to hydrate your skin. I love the formula, but it's definitely a natural finish vs matte.  This finish plays nicely with my skin when it's on the drier side, but now that summer is coming and those dry spots are less prominent (yay!) my skin doesn't take to the foundation the same way.  A natural finish tends to look more oil slick-y on me once the oils in my skin start to combat the foundation.

Moral of this intro is, I needed to find a way to wear a non-matte foundation on oily skin without getting too shiny during the day.

These two products are my holy grail for oil control that doesn't break the bank:

1. Blotting Papers

Blotting papers are absorbent little sheets of paper used to soak up excess oil from the skin.  My go-to blotting papers are by Nyx Professional Makeup.  They get the job done and are only $5.99 for 100 sheets at Ulta Beauty.  Ulta also constantly has a $3.50 off $15 coupon promotion, which can be used towards Nyx products, making them even more affordable.

About halfway through the day, or any time I feel like I'm getting a little shiny, I whip out these bad boys from my purse and gently blot/pat them onto the oily parts of my face.  When using blotting papers, the instructions are in the name.  Make sure you BLOT, not WIPE the papers over your face.  Blotting will absorb the oil without moving the rest of your makeup around or making any dry patches look flakier.  As you blot, you'll actually be able to see the oil that's been absorbed into the paper...kind of gross but also kind of cool too.

NYX Blotting Papers come in a small package, convenient for throwing it in your purse or pocket on the go. As you blot, you should be able to see the oil that's been transferred from your phase onto the blotting paper.


 2. Mattifying Powder

After I blot my face, I apply a light layer of mattifying powder to any areas that are likely to get the oiliest - usually the sides of my nose. My fav mattifying powder right now is Ulta Beauty's Mattifying Balm because its consistency doesn't leave me feeling powdery and really helps reduce shine without costing an arm and a leg ($12.50 - the cost of maybe like...a finger??).

Application of a mattifying powder should be the same as with blotting papers - rather than wiping it across your face, lightly dab/pat it on so that you don't disturb what's underneath.  You also want to apply it sparingly (you don't have to use it every single time you use blotting paper) and only to the areas that need it.  Applying too much can give you a ghostly white cast (since the powder is white), make you look cakey, or make you look TOO matte which is unnatural.

The size of Ulta's mattifying balm is a bit smaller than other compacts, so it's easier to store in your purse, backpack, desk drawer, wherever!  The Mattifying Balm compact contains the balm on the top, and then underneath that tray is an applicator and mirror.


Just as an FYI - the coupon I mentioned above via Ulta Beauty works for their brand of products too, so if you end up buying both products there your total will be $18.49 before tax and then $14.99 before tax after the coupon is applied - great deal!




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