Gift Guide For Her



Are you struggling to get some gifts for that special lady in your life? Here are some suggestions on products that we love!

1. Since you are already here, I cannot help but have the first option as one of my own products. Buy her some magnetic eyelashes. She will thank you! We have the best on the market and a wide range to choose from. You can also get her all the beauty essentials to go with her eyelashes! We have kits with everything in it as well!


2. Every women loves a good slipper. There are some Ugg slippers that are some of the best, but if you aren't wanting to spend that much money there are some cheaper dupes of the Ugg slipper at Target. These target slippers are almost identical and offer the same amount of comfort as well.


3.Shine cosmetics is a makeup company that has some great products! I personally like their BB Cream, Fiber Brow, Fiber Lash, and lipgloss. They have some great concealer as well! I have a discount code for them as well, Hart10 to get you 10% off your order! Enjoy! Here is a link: Shine Cosmetics


4. There Sherpa sweaters are a big hit this year! That special women in your life is deserving of the most comfy and warm sweater to own. There are many places selling the Sherpa sweaters and I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. I will link a few here that I have loved! Here is the Amazon find! Here is the Target link: there are a few to choose from. Another from Walmart. Here is a bit more expensive finds from the Sherpa Co.

5. If she doesn't already have a Hydroflask, what are you waiting for! These bottles keep your liquids either hot or cold for an extended amount of time. Choose her favorite color and grab a straw lid (I prefer this lid over the other lids) and you are set. Hydroflask link








We hope these ideas really help you get that special women in your life what they want! Some more ideas are: pajama sets, makeup, electronics, warm coats, etc. The list could go on! If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment! 


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