Don't Give Up on Lip Color Until You've Tried This!

After my foray into lip-plumping products with Buxom Cosmetics Powerplump Lip Balm, I researched the Buxom Cosmetics brand a bit more and it was quickly evident that they are a lip-plumping authority in the world of cosmetics. I was intrigued to try more of the products they offered and let me just say that I am SO glad that I did.  I am officially addicted to Buxom Cosmetics Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick, and if there were support meetings for Buxom Cosmetics Addicts I wouldn't even go because I am so happy to be addicted.

Here's a bit about my favorite Buxom Cosmetics lip-plumping product and why (and no, they are not sponsoring, nor do they know a darn thing about this post):

Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick Benefits

In my opinion, this is the best liquid lipstick I've come across.

It's a beautiful satin finish - right in between a gloss and a matte.  The product has "shiny" in the title but don't be fooled - the finish is more of a hydrated satin (think freshly applied cream lipstick) than a gloss.

It's comfortable to wear. I have naturally wrinkly lips that easily dry out the second I become dehydrated.  Typically, I apply a liquid lipstick and my lips feel dry about 15 minutes later (and that's with exfoliation, lip treatment, and primer!). When I apply Va-Va-Plump my lips feel super hydrated for the entire time that I wear it.  They do dry out a tiny bit as is inevitable any time you are putting something besides balm on your lips, but I don't ever get that "chapped" feeling throughout the day. AND because my lips don't feel chapped, I don't feel like I need to rub them together, which can mess up your color and is a big cause of feathering (color smearing outside of your lipline).

You can use the applicator it comes with to put it on. 99% of the time, most liquid lipsticks apply too heavily if you use the applicator that comes with them. I usually have to use a separate

lip brush to get a coat thin enough that the product doesn't crack or go on sloppily, but the doe-foot applicator that comes with Va-Va-Plump makes it super easy apply and get precise lines. The formula is also somewhere between a cream and a gel when it goes on, so it's super easy to spread around and smooth out on your lips. 

It doesn't get cakey. When I wear other liquid lipsticks, I tend to get an obvious, cakey line along the waterline of my lips that can't be blended again once it's there. Va-Va-Plump stays smooth and, although there can be the slightest line at the waterline (not even visible unless you are looking really, really closely), it can easily be blended back in with a little bit of balm on my fingertip, a little more Va-Va-Plump, or a light coat of gloss.

It refreshes like a dream. I do a light touch-up of my liquid lipstick after I eat if what I've been eating contains a good amount of oils (ie. salad dressing). Whether it's just a quick swipe over my waterline or over my entire lip, this product doesn't get patchy or clumpy.  This is a big deal for me because with other products, I retouch and you can definitely tell, especially in terms of obvious wrinkles in my lips.

Lately my favorite thing to do when I touch up my Va-Va-Plump is to add a tiny bit of their Full-On Lip Polish (sparkley lip gloss) or Full-On Lip Cream (lip gloss without any shimmer or sparkle) to my waterline.  I gotten free samples of both Lip Cream and Lip Polish with recent Buxom Cosmetics orders and I'm really digging it them.  Applying either helps make my lips feel even more hydrated, and I like the tingly feeling that you get when you put it on.

The color doesn't get dull throughout the day. As your lips get drier while you're wearing liquid lipstick, it can make the lipstick itself look dull compared to when you first applied it. I know this ties in with the fact that Va-Va-Plump doesn't really dry out, but the color always looks rich and vibrant the entire time I'm wearing it.

It looks great even without lip liner. I am lazy when it comes to lipliner.  My lips are the last part of my beauty routine in the morning, and by that point I'm usually running late so I just slap on my lipstick and run out the door. Va-Va-Plump is great because I've found I don't really need lipliner.  Lately I've been moisturizing my lips with Mac Cosmetics Prime + Prep Lip Primer (a Holy Grail product unto itself) applying the lip color, then rocking it for 8 hours or more.

It actually plumps my lips. Now that I've tried multiple Buxom Cosmetics products, I think that the Powerplump Balm just doesn't have the same amount of plumping power as others (Full-On Lip Polish and Lip Creams have the most "oomph" for me), which is why it felt disappointing when I chose it as my first lip-plumper. These days I live for that minty tingle that Buxom Cosmetics products give when applied.  Maybe it's all in my head and that tingle only makes me think my lips are plumper, but I really think I see a difference!


Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick Cons

I think it's only fair to note the downsides I've found with this product too, even though there's only one.

It's not transfer-proof. This will leave a mark on your straw, coffee cup, in your burrito, etc. But for me it's more acceptable than with other products because it doesn't seem to have a negative effect on the color that is on my lips in terms of patchiness, loss of vibrance, etc. At the end of the day, I'd much rather have the hydrated feeling that Va-Va-Plump gives me with a little transfer than feel like my lips are the Sahara desert.

All in all - if you're down on your luck in the lip color game, a tube of Va-Va-Plump will be the best $20 you've ever spent.  It totally changed the way I feel about what a liquid lipstick should be, and I can't wait to get more colors!







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