Beauty Products with Big Price Tags that Aren't Worth It

I will be the first to admit it, if I see a beauty product getting rave reviews, I feel like I HAVE to have it - even if it is on the more expensive side. Hand-in-hand with that comes the confession that I spend way too much on cosmetics. I've been trying to cut back lately since there are so many other things to save my money for and I am doing a little better buuuut, let's just say there's still room for improvement.

Anyway, I was reorganizing my makeup the other day and was reminded of a bunch of higher end products that I forked over a good amount of $$ on but don't use often.  I thought it was important to share my experience with you guys to reduce the chances of you spending your hard-earned money on a product that may not work for you.

Silk Canvas Protective Primer by Tatcha

Guys.  I am almost embarrassed by this one.  The Silk Canvas Protective Primer is a makeup primer that costs a whopping $52. Let's be clear here, that is more expensive than most foundations out there.  But all my fav Youtubers were going on and on about what a miracle product it is for blurring pores and creating a soft, even canvas for makeup so I had to check it out.

Does it make my skin soft? Yes.  But does it also make it feel super dry while emphasizing pores? Also yes. On top of that, I've found it doesn't interact well with several moisturizers, which causes the product to ball up and pill on my skin easily.  Not cute. I've tried exfoliating more often, switching up skincare products and giving them more time to sink into my skin before application, everything - and even if I can get it to go on smoothly, it accentuates my dry patches and makes my entire face look dry.  Maybe Silk Canvas would work better for someone with super oily skin, but it's just not for me. I still try to use it once in a while just to use it up - I mean, it was expensive - but needless to say, I won't be repurchasing.

Mineral Veil Primer by Hourglass

This is another embarrassing, overpriced primer that I shouldn't have bothered with.  Luckily, I purchased the travel sized bottle to try before committing to the $54 full-size - but the mini bottle was still $19. Gross. The deal with the Mineral Veil is that it's supposed to minimize redness, pores and wrinkles while providing SPF 15 protection.  The SPF 15 protection was what intrigued me but boy, can you tell the primer has sunscreen in it when you apply it. The product itself is white in color and feels like sunscreen on the skin. It also left a slight white sheen to my face.

The first time I pumped the primer out of the bottle, it was super watery.  I had seen other people apply it in videos and it was definitely not that thin so I shook it and tried again.  It was a little better but still way more runny than any other primer I've used. When I applied it to my face it felt greasy, which wasn't great either.  I could have looked past all this if it made my makeup look amazing but nope, it made everything look horrible! My foundation went on patchy (presumably because the product was so greasy on me), and when I applied concealer under my eyes it took off the foundation underneath.  Don't even get me started on how cakey everything looked when I tried to set with powder. No, just no.

Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation Concentrate by Marc Jacobs Beauty

This is on the pricier end of what I've paid for foundation, coming in at $55.  What pushed me to purchase is that it has way more pigment in it than other foundations, allowing you to use less but still achieve full coverage.

I will say, you do only need a tiny amount, and the coverage IS full. It looks beautiful when you first apply it, but it always, ALWAYS gets cakey on me after about 3 hours of wear, no matter how I prep and set my skin.  That is disappointing for me considering how thin of a layer of product you need to apply. Occasionally, I'll mix in a little bit of this foundation with a lighter coverage foundation to amp up the pigment, but another con of this foundation is that it makes me break out every. single. time.

The biggest pet peeve I have about this foundation is the bottle. When you remove the top lid, there is a screw-off top that is attached to a wand intended to apply the foundation.  But when put the top/wand back into the bottle and screw it on, product that gets trapped inside the top leaks out and gets all over the bottle. And I am talking ALL OVER the bottle.  It is disgusting, super hard to clean, and just not worth it, IMO.


For a long time, I thought I loved Lipsense.  Once you get the hang of it, it really does withstand eating, drinking, kissing, etc. But at $25 for color and $20 for gloss (prices can vary depending on your Lipsense distributor), it really broke my bank.

Sure, there are plenty of lip products out there at the same price or even higher and I understand that, but the big turn off for me was how much gloss I had to use on a daily basis.  The Lipsense color dried my lips out so, so badly and I constantly needed to apply the gloss to keep them from feeling like shriveled up raisins with sandpaper inside. And by "constantly" I mean every 15 minutes or so.  I take good care of my lips and they aren't particularly dry by nature, but boy did they soak up that gloss like a mofo, and I really can't afford to be buying multiple $20 tubes of gloss every month.

Not only did Lipsense dry my lips out while I was wearing it, but it dried them out when I wasn't wearing it as well.  The formula creates such a bond to your lips that even with the special Lipsense color remover, the pigment is difficult to get off and no amount of lip balm can put moisture back into your lips afterwards.  Once I stopped using my Lipsense I saw an improvement in moisture immediately and haven't looked back.

Magnetic Eyelashes by One Two Cosmetics

Now, I am admittedly a little biased when it comes to magnetic lashes and how fabulous Bare Your Hart is, but before I discoverd BYH, I took the $70 plunge and tried One Two lashes. First of all, the lash bands are way too stiff so they don't conform well to the eye (I've tried both the half and full versions), which doesn't look natural at all. Secondly, the lash band is wayyy too long.  Granted, I do have small eyes, but One Two Lashes are longer than most other magnetic lashes that I've tried, and with so many eye shapes out there, I just don't think they will work on a lot of people.

Okay, so you have this too-long, too-stiff lash band.  And then attached to it are lash fibers that are super flimsy.  I was SO careful with my One Two Lashes, but in no time at all, some of the lash fibers had gotten bent out of shape and moved around on the band itself. For $70 I expect something durable, and those definitely didn't fit the bill.  It is worth noting that I gave a pair of One Two Lashes to a friend and they look GREAT on her. I know she's worn them multiple times and they look like they're holding up well, so maybe I just have weird man hands or something :/

Lastly is One Two Lashes' marketing.  I know, I know - marketing doesn't necessarily effect how good a product is, but for me this was just icing on the cake.  Over the years, I've found that One Two Cosmetics has become sooooo gimmicky, in that "But wait, if you order now you can get a second case for three easy payments of $19.95" television kind of way. And no, that isn't a real One Two Cosmetics offer - I made it up - but you get the idea.  The customer service also matches that vibe, and they constantly try to sell to you rather than focusing on your needs as a customer.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Skin Inc

When I was first getting into using hyaluronic acid, the very first hyaluronic acid serum I purchased was by Skin Inc.  It was $35 for a minuscule 0.34 oz of product. 0.34 oz! The application instructions suggest using 2-3 drops twice a day.  I followed the instructions and the entire bottle was gone in 2 weeks. The serum itself was okay, it did provide my skin with more hydration, but there was no way in hell I was about to spend $70/mo on a basic hyaluronic acid serum.

Since my Skin Inc experience, I've found several other hyaluronic acid serums that work just as well, if not better - and come with way more product for half the cost (or less) - keeping both my skin and my wallet healthier.

Obviously what I just mentioned above is based on my unique skin type, unique skin care methods, unique makeup methods, etc. So if you're still wanting to try one of these products, by all means, go for it.  The tricky thing with skincare/beauty products is that the way they wear on a person is so subjective. No one's skin is the same, nor how they take care of it. But at the end of the day, the majority of us aren't made of money and so if we're going to fork over $35 for 0.35 oz of serum, it better do what it says - and if there's a chance it might not, it may make sense to explore other options.  

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