7 Ways to “Wow” Them with Your Eyes

Tightline your bottom lid with white liner

Tightlining is when you apply eyeliner to the waterline (inner rim) of your eyelid.  Using a white liner instantly makes the eye appear bigger and brighter.  

Use a super-curled lash

Lashes with a stronger curl can really open up the eye, especially monolids and hooded eyes. Look for lashes with a strong C curl, or even better, a D or DD curl for maximum oomph.

Highlight your inner corner 

Blend a light, shimmery eyeshadow or face highlighter that’s slightly lighter than your skintone into the inner corners of your eyes. This gives just the right amount of sparkle and can help make the eye look more awake.  For a fun alternative, you can use a bright matte instead, or combine the two!

Use different types of mascara

There are SO many mascara formulas on the market these days, claiming to volumize, curl, and lengthen your lashes into stylish submission. Ever been torn between two formulas with different claims?  Try wearing them both! Pair one coat curling mascara with one coat volumizing mascara for sky-high, thick lashes. Or, use a volumizing mascara on your top lashes, and a lengthening mascara on your bottom lashes.

Make sure the rest of your makeup isn’t too intense

A super easy way to bring attention to the eyes is to make sure that your eye makeup is balanced with the rest of your face makeup. Makeup is all about balance - bringing certain features forward while downplaying others. For example, if you’re wearing a bold eye look, consider going softer with the rest of the face - e.g. don’t use a hot pink eyeshadow with a hot pink blush. 

Try Lumify

Lumify is eyedrops creating specifically for taking redness out of the eye and making them appear whiter.  You can pick up Lumify at many drugstores (e.g. CVS) and at Walmart, but we recommend checking with your doctor first to make sure its ingredients are right for you.

Use your bronzer as an eyeshadow

On days where you don’t want to be “full glam,” sweeping a little bit of bronzer over your lids can do wonders for creating depth and tying in your eyes with the rest of your face. Most bronzers provide a light-to-medium wash of buildable color when applied, which means it’s a dream to blend and almost impossible to overdo it on the eyes.

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