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I may not be a minimalist with my makeup, but believe it or not, I am a minimalist with my hair! Over the years, my strands have been damaged from strong color processes (aka going from red to black to red to black to blonde!), so these days I tend to focus on hair nourishment vs styling.  So you can imagine by excitement when I found a product that aids in BOTH nourishment and styling. Did you hear that? That sound? Oh yes - that was the telltale "cha-ching" in the distance, announcing the arrival of something great.

This product I'm about to brag about - It's a 10.  But really though, that is what the product is called - It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product. In a nutshell, it's a leave-in conditioner. Beyond the nutshell, it's a spray-in conditioning superhero that you can use several different ways, from flyaways to updos. Here's how I use it:

On Damp Hair as a Detangler

After I shampoo and condition my hair, I throw my hair up in a towel for a couple minutes to keep it out of the way while I do my skincare routine.  The "hair-in-the-towel" thing is considered a no-no by many because it is rough on the hair and can cause it to tangle. So when I take my hair out of the towel, it's a little more difficult to brush out - especially in the parts where my hair is the most damaged - mainly the ends and around the temple on the left side of my head.  I add a couple sprays to those troublesome areas and bam - the comb goes through like a knife through butter.


On Dry Hair as a Heat Protectant

I spray a couple spritzes into my palm, rub my hands together, and then run my hands through the ends of my hair before I take a straightening or curling iron to it.  The light, gel-like formula coats my hair and gives the heated iron something to glide over; a barrier between my hair and the direct heat.  Using this method I've found that my hair gets less flyaways after I straighten it, and that the ends of my hair are less dry when I am curling it.


On Dry Hair as a Hydrator

Even when I'm not using a styling tool on my hair, I find that the ends get dry and a little crunchy.  I only make it to my hair stylist once every 4-6 months, so it's natural for my strands to get a little scraggly in between visits. To look less like I just got out of a wind tunnel, I spritz 2-3 sprays of It's a 10 into my palms and then dispense it evenly through my hair.  I try to keep the product to the ends of my hair - around the bottom 1/3.  Concentrating it there helps to ensure I don't get

too much moisture near my roots because my hair is on the more oily side.  That being said, if you are more dry in the root area, you could definitely apply It's a 10 there, too.  Depending on how many flyaways I have, I will also apply a tiny amount to those, and it helps stick them down.


To Provide Natural-Looking Light/Medium Hold for Updos

I usually wear my hair down and free from any ponytails, braids, or pins or hairspray, but occasionally I need to throw my hair up and have it look presentable.  Whenever I pull back my hair, I get a million flyaways around my temples and down to my ears.  Lately, I've been spraying a generous amount of It's a 10 (5-10 sprays, depending on how much hair I'm putting up), into my dry hair before I pull it back with a comb. I secure my hair with a hair tie and then add a couple more sprays around the problem areas.  This is definitely a more product-heavy approach, but I find it gives me a more natural hold that looks like a cross between hair gel and hair spray - without all the crunchiness.  Plus, using a little more of this product just conditions my hair that much more, vs using a spray or gel that dries me out.  This method is usually best if you're planning on washing your hair that night, though.  When you take your updo out, you're hair will feel a bit heavy from all the conditioning product you added.


Where to Get It:

You guessed it - I get my It's a 10 from Ulta Beauty.  The smaller size (4oz) is $18 and some change, and the large size is $37 for 10oz.  Considering how many products my It's a 10 replaces, I consider this a pretty good value.

You can also purchase It's a 10 from most drugstores like CVS, and from Walmart and Target.  I will caution you that it's more expensive at a drugstore - the price averaging at about $20 for 4oz.


Different Kinds of It's a 10:

If you go hunting for It's a 10, you'll notice that there are several different kinds, e.g. It's a 10 Plus Keratin, It's a 10 Lite.  I haven't tried all the different varieties, but I regularly use the original It's a 10, as well as It's a 10 Plus Keratin.  The It's a 10 Plus Keratin will give your hair an extra boost of strength if it's super damaged. I like to alternate between the two based on how my hair feels at the time of purchase.

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